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Environmental, Social and Governance

The issues of environmental, social and governance sustainability are taking on increasing interest on the push of a collective need aimed at improving the quality of life and contributing to addressing environmental emergencies and the needs of development based on respect for principles of equality, of opportunities and protection of the weaker sections of the population.

In this context, sustainability represents an aspect that banks, financial intermediaries and companies must increasingly address in order to respond to the changing sensitivity of public opinion and the consequent market requirements, while also complying with recent regulatory measures already adopted and still being adopted, especially at European level.

The firm is sensitive to this profound change and is able to accompany clients on the path towards sustainability in its many aspects, through a multidisciplinary approach involving its practices and departments.

Our assistance includes the regulatory and legal profiles related to sustainable finance, sustainable corporate governance, the development of sustainable value chains and advertising promotion based on environmental and social claims.

We also follow our clients in the path leading to the adoption of the form of a benefit company and in the associated obligations.

In addition we provide support with regard to the legislative and regulatory aspects relating to non-financial reporting and impact measurement.

Our team working on these issues is co-ordinated by lawyers Claudio Bonora and Daniele Giombini, whom you can contact for any further information and / or need.