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Mondini Bonora Ginevra nel ranking di Legal 500

Mondini Bonora Ginevra ha ottenuto un importante riconoscimento da Legal 500 in Industry focus: food, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution e nell’area Tecnologia, Media e Telecomunicazioni.

1. Mondini Bonora Ginevra figura nel ranking di Legal 500 nelle food practice (TIER 1) con significativi riconoscimenti individuali per Giorgio Rusconi e Omar Cesana.

Mondini Bonora Ginevra is viewed by one client as the ‘best food law firm in Milan.’ Practice head Giorgio Rusconi is well known for his engagement in food law at European and global level, especially through the Food Lawyers’ Network Worldwide, of which he is a founding member. Rusconi is ‘extremely skilled and knowledgeable’ not only in advising clients on all matters pertaining to food law, but also in civil litigation defence, focusing on product liability and operators’ obligations in the food sector. Associate Omar Cesana also stands out.

Giorgio Rusconi
Leading individual
Omar Cesana
Rising Star

Very close-knit, competent and multidisciplinary team.’

‘Very helpful, friendly and prepared professionals.’

‘Availability, ease of dialogue, excellent reaction to requests.’

‘Best food law firm in Milan!’

‘Giorgio Rusconi is a founding member of the food law community in Europe. He is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in food law.’

2. Mondini Bonora Ginevra figura nel ranking di Legal 500 nel settore dell’Intellectual Property: Copyright (TIER 1) e nell’Intellectual property (TIER 3) con significativi riconoscimenti individuali per Giorgio Mondini, Carlo Ginevra, Giacomo Bonelli e Fabio Ghiretti.

Mondini Bonora Ginevra was established after the former entities Mondini Rusconi, Bonora e Associati and Rapisardi e Ginevra Avvocati Associati joined forces in early 2021. Both firms were active in the IP field: the former with a focus on copyright, trademarks and competition, the latter on patents and related disputes. The newly formed team is jointly led by Giorgio Mondini and Carlo Ginevra and combines the two areas of specialisms in a single department. Giacomo Bonelli is a recognised team member with specialism in copyrighted industrial design, models and trademarks. Fabio Ghiretti stands out for assisting clients in the music, entertainment, and fashion industries.

Giorgio Mondini
Hall of Fame

‘The lawyers are very knowledgeable and responsive, practical and with a good attitude. Reasonable rates. They are capable to handle very complex matters.’

‘Giacomo Bonelli is the perfect contact person for any question concerning copyright and always leads to successful outcomes.’

‘Professionalism, dynamism, precision and punctuality.’

‘Great competence in patent litigation, and great attention to the customer.’

‘Carlo Ginevra: ability to manage legal issues related to complex technologies by effectively focusing on the relevant aspects.’

3. Mondini Bonora Ginevra figura nel ranking di Legal 500 nel settore delle Dispute Resolution (TIER 3) con riconoscimenti per Paolo Flavio Mondini nonché per il team composto da Claudio Bonora, Aldo Feliciani, Daniele Giombini e Guido Bortoluzzi.

Mondini Bonora Ginevra originated in January 2021 with the merger of Mondini Rusconi, Bonora e Associati and Rapisardi-Ginevra. The newly formed mid-sized entity has IP, corporate and commercial and administrative law as its core business, including litigation related to these areas. The team, which now includes Claudio Bonora and Daniele Giombini, is led by Paolo Flavio Mondini, whose name is well known at a national level for complex corporate litigation and shareholders/board matters. He is often assisted by associate Guido Bortoluzzi.

Paolo Flavio Mondini
Leading individual

‘Paolo Mondini and Aldo Feliciani are professionals of the highest calibre and great competence. Both combine top-notch expertise with clarity in sharing the terms of the issues at stake with clients. Attention in listening, and their availability for a wide-ranging comparison on the problems and related strategies.’

‘Paolo Mondini works with great availability of time for a professional of his level, easily contactable, ready to investigate any issues and to listen to the specific needs of the company. He is also an extremely courteous and humane person, as well as extremely efficient. The documents are prepared in a clear and concise way.’

‘The Mondini Bonora Ginevra studio carries out its activity with the highest professionalism and customer support in evaluating the defensive and / or conciliatory strategy choices to be undertaken. Great promptness in solving practical problems, indication of alternatives to meet the needs of the client and rapid adaptation to the legal practices management system of the office.’

‘The Firm integrates various skills that have proved to be essential for the management of my case, from labour law to industrial law and intellectual property. Being multi-disciplinary is certainly one of the strengths of the firm. In the final analysis, the choice of Studio Mondini Bonora Ginevra turned out to be very valid.’

‘The civil / commercial litigation team is well-structured, efficient and flexible. According to the client’s needs, other professionals of the firm are involved with specific skills on complex or less recurring issues, for example in the field of intellectual property, as well as in disputes that require in-depth analysis in criminal or administrative matters.’

‘A team of very high competence, maximum willingness to listen to the customer’s needs, understanding and “grounding” with the concrete possibilities that can actually be practised and implemented in the interests of the customer. The client feels truly assisted and supported, the firm is perceived as a partner and not just a consultant.’

‘The main core competencies (tested) range from civil law to commercial through labour law, with particular focus on IP and aspects related to corporate litigation (strong expertise in assembly law and management of arbitrations), banking and commercial law. In the 20/21 Covid context, the maximum flexibility was given by the studio’s professionals, through cutting-edge operational and technological solutions and innovations.’

Carlo Ginevra and Paolo Mondini: tendency to be available 24×24 and wide-ranging backgrounds connected to the ITC and Banking sector. Excellent ability to interact and communicate with “non-professionals “. Knowledge and command of the English language is another strong point.  Special mention to Andrea Marchetti for professionalism, knowledge of unfair competition issues and great availability.’

4. Mondini Bonora Ginevra figura nel ranking di Legal 500 nel settore TMT (TIER 4) con riconoscimenti individuali per Giorgio Mondini e Silvia Mondini.

Mondini Bonora Ginevra combines the TMT knowledge of the firms Mondini Rusconi, Bonora e Associati and Rapisardi e Ginevra Avvocati Associati, which merged in early 2021. Mondini Rusconi was particularly strong in copyright work for the entertainment sector. Here Silvia Mondini, whose expertise covers TV rights and new media, web platforms and social networks, is one of the key figures together with Giorgio Mondini. The duo head the practice.

Ability to understand the client’s business needs and consequently to propose legal solutions in support of the business. This is an uncommon feature because other law firms often tend to impose standard solutions that are not always instrumental to the client’s business.’

‘Silvia Mondini is very prompt in replying and available when requested by the customer.’

‘Mondini Bonora Ginevra is characterized by a close-knit and highly specialized team, in which the specific skills of the individuals complement each other, offering the client both a precious overview of the macro-subject and an in-depth focus on the individual issues that are part of it and interest the customer. Compared to other firms, one can appreciate the constant, diligent and patient availability for comparison, often with the confirmation of telephone appointments for urgent clarification even within the same day as the request received by the client.’

‘The specific experience in the sector, combined with the multidisciplinary approach, is a great asset. Ability to relate in international contexts.’

‘Silvia Mondini: competence, promptness with which she approaches the problem, ability to dialogue with interlocutors of various kinds and backgrounds and ability to know how to work as a team when the situation requires one.’

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Headed by Luigi Giuri, Mondini Bonora Ginevra‘s energy practice covers natural gas, electricity, renewables and energy efficiency, including regulatory and compliance issues.


Mondini Bonora Ginevra Studio Legale has a long track record in assisting retailers such as Nike, Converse and Ktm Sportmotorcycle, among others. Dutch retailer Action was also added to the firm’s client portfolio in 202. Luca Tiberi is the key contact.

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