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Mondini Bonora Ginevra in the Legal 500 (EMEA) 2023 ranking

We are happy to announce that we are once again in the Legal 500  (EMEA) 2023 rankings in Industry focus: food, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution eTechnology, Media & Telecommunications area with 16 personal rankings.

1. Mondini Bonora Ginevra figures in the Legal 500’s ranking in food practices (TIER 1) with significant individual recognitions for  Giorgio Rusconi and Omar Cesana..

“Mondini Bonora Ginevra Studio Legale is often engaged to represent clients in litigation concerning food supplements, special food and human consumption issues.”

“Giorgio Rusconi oversees the department and is a founding member of the Food Lawyers’ Network worldwide. Rusconi assists regional and global clients with labelling and advertising issues, food hygiene work and organic farming matters, while associate Omar Cesana assists clients with regulatory compliance, product liability claims, and presentation issues.” 

“The food team is a very professional and qualified.”

“I really appreciate Giorgio Rusconi for his personality and Omar Cesana for his competence and preparation.”


2. Mondini Bonora Ginevra figures in the Legal 500’s ranking in Intellectual Property: Copyright (TIER 1) and in Intellectual property (TIER 3) with significant individual awards for Giorgio Mondini, Carlo Ginevra, Giacomo Bonelli, Fabio Ghiretti, Silvia Mondini,Anna Carabelli, Francesca Milani, Valeria Giugliano and Andrea Marchetti

“Mondini Bonora Ginevra Studio Legale has expertise in handling all IP related matters, especially complex software and artificial intelligence issues. Giorgio Mondini specialises in the protection of intellectual rights, while Carlo Ginevra possesses 20 years of experience in advising clients on patent infringement and trade mark litigation. Giacomo Bonelli is an expert in IP protection within the media and entertainment industries, whereas Fabio Ghiretti is knowledgeable on matters in the music and fashion industries.”

3. Mondini Bonora Ginevra figures in the Legal 500’s ranking in Dispute Resolution (TIER 3) with recognitions for Paolo Flavio Mondini as well as for the team composed of Claudio BonoraDaniele Giombini and Francesco Rusconi.

“In its second year post-merger, Mondini Bonora Ginevra Studio Legale boasts an active IP, commercial and corporate litigation practice. Well-respected Paolo Flavio Mondini and banking and finance expert, Claudio Bonora, head up the team constituted of Daniele Giombini, well-versed in complex directors’ liability matters, and Francesco Rusconi who specialises in insurance litigation.”

“Multidisciplinary skills, determination ability to investigate particularly innovative / complex issues, ethically irreproachable behavior.”

“Prof. Paolo Mondini demonstrates that he has full understanding of the client’s objectives and how to achieve them also and above all through alternative and satisfactory solutions to judicial disputes.”

‘The practice leverages a high level of responsiveness, however always ensuring an unparalleled quality and sharp approach.”

“All individuals demonstrated strong negotiations skills with the counterparty and high level of knowledge of intellectual property law and contracts law.”

“The Mondini Bonora Ginevra Law Firm combines various high-level expertise in the field of corporate law, Intellectual Property (IP), labour law and industrial law in general. In my case it was very useful to have a complete picture of the different profiles that I was directly concerned by. Thanks to the expertise of the firm’s professionals, I was able to receive qualified opinions relating to various branches of law.”

“Great competence and professional seriousness distinguishes the Mondini Bonora Ginevra law firm, together with the ability to promptly identify the best solution to offer the client.”

‘The whole MBG is composed by top legal profiles who understand your business needs to provide excellent legal resolutions.”

“Paolo Mondini and the team are great expert attorneys who can assist providing a tailor made 360 legal consultancy.”

4. Mondini Bonora Ginevra figures in the Legal 500 ranking in the TMT sector (TIER 4) with individual awards for Giorgio Mondini, Silvia Mondini and Paolo Cuomo

“Mondini Bonora Ginevra Studio Legale routinely assists television, video game and music clients with matters pertaining to M&A, advertising and promotion regulations, commercial contracts and regulatory matters. Giorgio Mondini is proficient in IP issues, most notably copyright matters, while Silvia Mondini is knowledgeable of advertising issues, privacy rights protection, advertising work and the sale of companies.”

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