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Mondini Bonora Ginevra in the Leaders League 2022 ranking

We are happy to announce that we are once again in the Leaders League 2022 rankings in Copyright, patent litigation, Media & Entertainment, Innovation, Technology & Telecommunications, Insurance and other business areas.  

We are ranked as a Leader among the Best Law Firms for Copyright Law with individual awards for Giorgio Mondini, Silvia Mondini, Fabio Ghiretti and Giacomo Bonelli.

Our Law Firm is recognized as Excellent in:

    • Patent litigation with lawyer Carlo Ginevra.
    • Media & entertainment with the lawyers Giorgio Mondini and Silvia Mondini.

Mondini Bonora Ginevra is Highly Advised in Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications with the lawyer Anna Carabelli.

We are also recommended by Leader League for:  

    • Trademark litigation with lawyers Carlo Ginevra, Fabio Ghiretti and Giacomo Bonelli;
    • IT & Outsourcing with lawyer Giacomo Bonelli;
    • Insurance litigation with lawyer. Francesco Rusconi;
    • Commercial litigation with lawyers Paolo Flavio Mondini and Giacomo Bonelli.

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